HEADED TO AFRICA | SAFARI CONSERVATION ADVENTURES is for people who have the interest of traveling to Africa for a combination of a tailor-made safari and conservation experience.
Travel to Africa with me and one of South Africa’s leading safari conservation experts as the private guide. We create tailor-made private safari adventures and offer exclusive conservation experiences by visiting various wildlife organizations that are working on the frontlines of conservation, securing the wild African landscapes and animals. This can include meeting with Anti-poaching Units, Wildlife Vet Teams, rhino/elephant sanctuaries, and more. Accommodations are at desirable eco-friendly all-inclusive luxury lodges. This combination creates the ultimate Safari conservation experience.
Safari is hands down one of the most incredible adventures you’ll experience in your life. Just imagine being submerged deep into the vast open plains of Africa’s lush landscape, surrounded by the most diverse and spectacular wildlife you’ve ever imagined! That’s what it’s like in the African bush.
Conservation: As a true advocate for wildlife and nature conservation, it’s always been important to me to understand and bring awareness about the critical issues affecting Africa’s wildlife, and learn how we can conserve these amazing animals and preserve our ecosystems. As we understand more about the various conservation issues and support the people on the ground who risk their lives daily protecting Africa’s endangered species, you’ll find while on your safari it becomes more exciting and interesting to see how the entire ecosystem works together. The circle of life.
African buffalos bathing
How I travel matters. To have the best Safari experience, it has to be planned by the best-established experts as there are many details involved. The benefit of traveling with a specialist private safari guide is their vast knowledge, experience, and understanding of the ecological and political landscapes of life in the wild. They also understand that you need to structure your daily safari activities to your own personal requirements; Time flexibility: leave camp extra early in the morning, and stay out all day if you request! Ample time for studying photography, wildlife, and cultural-conservation experiences, as well as tracking and walking safaris. All of this has given me a whole new perspective on how to best safari. We support ethical and responsible travel to Africa and work only with specialist guides that align themselves to legitimate conservation and wildlife management initiatives. We do not support any kind of hunting.
I’m British born; raised half in London, half in the US. I live in Los Angeles. By trade, I’m a filmmaker. On the side, I work and support different African non-profit organizations; creating yearly events based on protecting Africa’s wildlife and conservation issues. I’ve always been an adventurer and an explorer, and have lived and traveled in different places on this great earth. When I first set foot on the African continent years ago, I was blown away by how wild and visceral these places are, I was immediately hooked, and have been going since.
My past Africa trips were filled with not only fantastic safari experiences, but I also volunteered at many different non-profit organizations on the ground in order to learn about the plight of Africa’s endangered wildlife and conservation challenges. Over the years, I’ve built some great friendships with wonderful people that are working on the frontlines of conservation and the anti-poaching war. I continue to have some incredible exclusive conservation experiences.
giraffe sunset
I’m excited to announce several Safari trips I’m planning for 2022 and I’d be delighted for you to join me as we journey through epic landscapes in some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife reserves.

Upcoming Trips

Limpopo South Africa; Lion and Rhino Safari Conservation Trip.
September 12th-18th, 2022

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Zambia, Safari Conservation Trip.
September 24th-October 3rd, 2022

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It’s vital that planning and booking this kind of unique trip to Africa is detailed, and we have done so by giving great attention to every aspect of this safari experience. It will include many amazing wildlife sightings, majestic landscapes, fascinating cultural experiences with the local people, ongoing conservation education, plus other activities that will ensure our days are filled with adventure, excitement, learning, and unique opportunities for the ultimate experience.
For a detailed itinerary breakdown of either trip, please reach out to me. lisa@headedtoafrica.com